Saddle Fitting

In addition to her life and career devoted to instruction and training, Gina Pletch is also a trained saddle fitter and Indiana representative for Bliss of London saddles.  She is happy to assess and recommend options for any brand of wool or foam flocked saddle, can adjust and strip wool flocked saddles, replace your billets, make general sewing and leather repairs, discuss padding options, take tracings, or custom fit you and your horse for a new Bliss of London dressage or jump saddle.

Gina has been riding since she was 5 and in the horse business for 17 years. She recognizes the need for horse and rider to be in sync and outfitted as comfortably and effectively as possible.  After acquiring several Bliss of London Loxley saddles in her Eventing based barn, Gina was so pleased with the balance, fit of rider/horse, and price point, she knew she had to learn more about this brand and figure out how to help her students and others have access to these saddles and excellent saddle fitting expertise. She partnered with certified Master Saddle Fitter Heather Booher of Saddles 101 in Pennsylvania to begin her SMS apprenticeship and gain the knowledge needed to become the Indiana Bliss of London Representative. 

Combine this knowledge of saddle fit with Gina’s foundation in riding and instruction and you will get a horsewoman at your saddle appointment, not just a saleswoman.  Gina is not only familiar with the Bliss of London brand as a sales representative, but also from the experience she has teaching her students in these saddles and competing in them herself.

Gina is always continuing her education of saddle fitting. She enjoys working under Heather Booher annually, and looks forward to her days at Kentucky Three Day Event with fitters from not only across the USA, but also the Bliss of London owner and saddle fitter, Nikki Newcombe.  She cherishes her network of other saddle fitters who are only a phone call away. When you choose Gina for saddle fitting, you know that no matter what you present, she will put herself and every resource to the test for you and your horse!


Assessment of Current Saddle: $50.00/saddle/horse

Adjustment/Flocking fee: $135.00/saddle

Billet Replacement: $27.50/billet

Strip Flock: $300

General Sewing/Leather Repairs: $45/hour

Trial appointment for Bliss of London Saddles- $75 (Fee will be waived with a deposit on a new saddle order paid same day). Trip Charges still apply.

Trip Charge – Contact Gina with address for price