About Gina

Gina Pletch is the owner/manager, instructor, trainer, and saddle fitter at Pletch Equestrian Center.  At 5 years old she knew she had a passion for horses and talked her dad into her first pony. Ever since then she has been dedicated to the sport of horseback riding in one form or another. She has competed and trained in pleasure, hunter/jumper, dressage, and eventing. 

In her early twenties she spent several years working as a groom and manager for various stables and disciplines across the country before settling into purchasing this farm just outside her hometown. Along this path she has had many opportunities to not only train under and observe top riders, but to become well-educated in show horse and farm management. 

Gina loves to learn and to pass this knowledge on to her students. She continues to build on her skills by participating in clinics with top riders, including

  • Semi annual clinics with Olympic Gold Medalist Leslie Law and his wife Lesley Grant-Law 
  • Annual clinics with 4* rider Sharon White 
  • Monthly dressage lessons at Pletch Equestrian offered with USDF Gold medalist Jennifer Conour 
  • Jump lessons with Lee Ann Zobbe 

Gina is currently producing her own horses, with hopes of a 1* in the future.  

Besides always striving to become a better rider herself, Gina also loves teaching and instilling in others the love and proper care for horses. As such, she has been teaching students for over 15 years. She has worked in various lesson programs and under many other instructors to hone her teaching style and communication skills.   

Her current students are clear examples of Gina’s capability to produce excellent horsewomen and men. She loves the reward of helping a student go from the lunge line lesson to the level of competition they have as a goal. Even for the students who prefer to stay with local schooling shows, Gina instills solid skills, confidence, and professionalism.