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       2016 Pletch Equine Show and Clinic Schedule
Please contact me ASAP with your list of shows you would like to attend. Then, I can plan the most economical show season for everyone, and make sure everyone gets to attend as much as they would like.

CT: Combined Test- Dressage test and a stadium jumping round for a combined single score
Dressage: Dressage tests
Derby: Dressage test and a Derby round [stadium and XC(cross country) jumps combined for a jumping round] combines for a single score
HT: Horse Trial- Dressage test, stadium round, xc course combined for a single score
HHP: Hoosier Horse park in Edinburgh
KHP: Kentucky Horse park in Lexington
CAF: Come Again Farm in Sheridan- FB: Come Again Farm, www.comeagainfarm.com
CLS: Centerline Stables in Greencastle- FB: Centerline Stables, www.centerlinestables.net
IDS: Indiana Dressage Society- www.indianadressage.org
IEA: Indiana Eventing Association- www.indyeventers.org
USEA: United States Eventing Association- www.useventing.com
USDF: United States Dressage Foundation- www.usdf.org
Schooling Shows: Coded in BLACK. Non recognized show by any foundation. For example: IDS, USEA, IEA. Does not count toward year end points.
Sanctioned: Coded in BLUE. Recognized by its hosting foundation. May count towards year end points to foundations.

16 Dressage lessons w/ Jennifer
30 Dressage Lessons w/ Jennifer

13 Dressage Lessons w/ Jennifer
27 Dressage Lessons w/ Jennifer
24-13 Pine Top Farm in Aiken

5-6 Cynthia Collins Dressage freestyle clinic @ Jennifers
1-13 Pine Top Farm in Aiken
19 CAF CT and Dressage-Schooling
19-20 “L” Program in Indy
26 Dressage Lessons w/ Jennifer Conour

9 Dressage Lessons w/ Jennifer Conour
14-15 Natalie Lamping Clinic @ Jennifers
16-17 Heartland CT and XC School @ HHP- Schooling
22-26 Rolex KY @ KHP
30 Dressage Lessons with Jennifer

7-8 USEA Penny Oaks HT @ HHP-Sanctioned
14 CT/Derby/Dressage @ CAF- Schooling
15 Dressage lessons with Jennifer
21-22 USDF Harmony in the Park Dressage Show @ HHP
21-22 Leslie Law Clinic @ CAF
27-29 May Daze @ KHP- Sanctioned

4 Foxton CT and IDS schooling show
1-5 USEA IEA HT Novice and Training 3 day @ HHP-Sanctioned
11-12 USEA Derbyshire Farm @ Stevensville, MI- Sanctioned
11-12 USDF Indy Classic Dressage Show @ HHP
14 Dressage Lessons with Jennifer
18 Day before Derby @ CAF- Schooling
19 HT @ CAF-Schooling
25-26 USEA Encore HT @ Ann Arbor, MI- Sanctioned
25-26 USEA Midsouth HT @ KHP- Sanctioned

2-3 USEA South Farm @ Middlefield, OH- Sanctioned
9-10 Dressage Pony Cup @ KHP
15-16 USEA Champagne Run @KHP-Sanctioned
19 Dressage Lessons with Jennifer
21-24 Event Camp 1 @ CAF
28-31 Event Camp 2 @ CAF

5-7 USEA Cobblestone Farm @ Dexter MI- Sanctioned
Leg Up HT @ HHP
13 CT, Dressage, Derby @ CAF- Schooling
20 Dressage Lessons with Jennifer
25-28 USEA Richland Park @ Richland Park, MI- Sanctioned

3 Foxton CT and IDS schooling show
2-4 USEA KY Classic @ KHP- Sanctioned
10-11 Dunnabeck HT @ Carbondale, IL
10-11 USEA Chardon Valley @ Decatur MI- Sanctioned
13 Dressage lessons with Jennifer
17-18 USEA Flying Cross @ Skylight, KY - Sanctioned
17-18 USEA Stonegate HT @ Hanoverton OH-Sanctione@HHP
22-25 USDF Dressage Regionals @ Lamplight
24 CT, Derby, Dressage @ CAF- Schooling
30-2 USEA Jump Start HT @ KHP- Sanctioned

1 IDS Ride Offs @ HHP
8 Derby @ CAF- Schooling
15 Dressage Lessons with Jennifer
19-23 USEA Team Challenge HT @ KHP- Sanctioned and must Qualify
30 Dressage Lessons with Jennifer

5 CT, Derby, Dressage @ CAF- Schooling
10-13 USDF Dressage Nationals @KHP
20 Dressage lessons with Jennifer

17 Dressage lessons w/ Jennier